Crossflow generator 
(Crossflow turbine)

CROSSFLOW turbine (cross flow turbine), Banky-Mitchell turbine or Ossberger turbine, developed by Australian Anthony Mitchell, Hungarian engineer Donat Banky and German Fritz Ossberger. Mitchell received a patent for his turbine in 1903, Ossberger received his first patent in 1933 ("Free-flow turbine") 1922.

The patented OSSBERGER turbine (2-chamber crossflow) operates at pressures from 2.5 to 200 meters. This type of turbine is specifically for small hydropower. It is currently available with output power up to 10 MW. Even with very low water consumption, it supplies energy reliably and copes well with fluctuations in water volumes. This is achieved by two cells inside the turbine, which can operate independently of each other. The small unit requires only 5% of the design water flow to start the turbine.

The secret to its success is simplicity:  only three moving parts ensure minimal maintenance and maximum technical reliability.


Radial-axial turbine (Crossflow turbine)

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