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Kaplan turbine

hydro turbine kaplan 04 big

  • For head from 1 to 15m
  • Runner diameter: 320 – 3.200mm, 3, 4 or 5 blades
  • The runner blades made of special bronze alloy
  • Excellent efficiency also achieved at partial load thanks to double regulation
  • Regulation drive by means of a high-pressure hydraulic unit
  • Compact structure with minimized spatial requirements
  • Simple installation thanks to the modular mode of the structure
  • Design with a flat belt drive or a gearbox and generator located directly in the turbine pit
  • Possible connection to a penstock or to a concrete channel
  • The shaft sealing against water is maintenance-free thanks to special ceramic packing
  • The inlet and drafttube casings made of metal or cast concrete

Kaplan turbines

       Гидротурбина Каплана


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