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Hydro turbines

Our company belongs to the leaders in the supply of technological equipment for medium and small hydro

We are one of the few companies in the world that have the know-how necessary for the execution of technically perfectly arranged deliveries of water turbines of all known types, such as a turbine «Crossflow» (flow) Ossberger systems, rotary vane turbine (Kaplan), bucket-type turbine ( Pelton turbine) and radial-axial turbine (Francis), up to 3 MW unit power. In addition, our company specializes in the installation of water turbines hydropower plants in drinking water systems, and for this purpose has a number of licenses.

Each of our turbine developed customized for the specific proposals and guarantees:

  • The high efficiency of use
  • Extremely long life
  • High operational safety
  • Minimum Maintenance
  • Low operating costs

It goes without saying is a full service to our customers before and after the project implementation, use Skype online consultation. We will gladly answer all your questions. 

Kaplan turbine

Features Kaplan hydro turbines:

For differential (head) 1 - 18 m
For maximum water flow rate in the river / channel hydropower

UniFLOW horizontal and vertical design with pond

Dimensions structure 500 - 3200 mm, with 4 or 5 blades

Blades Kaplan turbine impeller made of bronze or stainless steel

Excellent efficiency in the partial load range due to the use of two-stage regulation, Kaplan turbine is quite competitive at the global level


Гидротурбина Каплан

Ossberger turbine

Features hydraulic turbine Ossbergera:

Height difference: H = 3 ... 200 m

Water flow rate: Q = 0,03 ... 13 m³ / s

Power: N = 5 ... 3000 kW

For medium and large turbine efficiency of 87%                    

The wheel has up to 37 blades

Suction from 1 to 3 m


Гидротурбина Оссбергер

Francis turbine

Features Francis hydro turbine:

Head - 50 - 300 meters

Power 100 - 3000 kW

For differential (pressure) of 50 to 150 m

Typical series 3,8 / 4,8 - F 90

High efficiency with a constant flow of water

The impeller is placed directly on the generator shaft             


Гидротурбина Френсиса

Pelton turbine

Features Pelton hydro turbines:

Head - 150 - 600 meters

Consumable from 50 - 1000 l / s

For differential / pressure from 100 to 500 m

The diameter of the nozzle 32, 50, 63 and 80 mm

High efficiency due to the geometry of the turbine nozzle       

For a small and highly varying water volume


Гидротурбина Пелтон

Microcross system

Features Micro Turbine Cross 5-35 kW:

Power range - 5-35 kW
One-piece construction with the impeller width 125/250/375 mm
Usable range 30 - 200 l / sec
High efficiency even for highly variable water flow turbine
Small transport weight
For a small and highly varying water volume


Гидротурбина Микрокросс

Turbines for drinking water supply systems

Features turbine drinking water:

Our company also manufactures turbines for drinking water supply systems



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