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About company

Hydro Turbines and Small Hydro Power Plants: Ukrainian branch Company "Hydroenergetica" 

The company "Hydroenergetica" was created in 1995 as a private engineering and consulting company. The company provides engineering services in the technical evaluation, design, construction, operation and maintenance of hydraulic structures and small hydropower plants. The company specializes mainly in the study of dams and reservoirs, and SHP. We are involved in all matters related to the development of new and existing security structures, as well as soil mechanics and foundations.

In carrying out its operations, the company uses advanced analytical methods based on mathematical modeling of processes. These models are based on software developed by both the company and the leading international firms.

Hydroenergetica is working in the water sector, in the sphere of renewable energy and the environment.

The original experience was used in the calculation of the design of hydraulic structures, safety, operation, maintenance and monitoring.

To meet the needs of our clients company is staffed by experts with extensive experience in design, construction, operation and control of hydraulic and civil engineering structures. Leading experts of the company have 30 years experience in this field and awarded with a high degree of doctors and candidates of sciences.

Hydroenergetica's clients are governmental and national regulatory authorities, a wide range of public and private companies, investors, banks and other organizations involved in the management of water resources and small-scale hydropower.

The company received in 2010 ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

Main activities

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  • Implementation of the European manufacturers of equipment for small hydro power plants
  • Research technical condition of hydraulic and civil constructions, small hydroelectric power plants
  • Designing of hydraulic engineering and civil constructions, small hydroelectric power plants
  • Design and operation of the monitoring system, production and installation of monitoring systems
  • Soil analysis of foundations and grounds facilities, geotechnical engineering and soil mechanics
  • A study on the planning and use of water resources
  • Environmental and social evaluation of the planned measures